PolyOrbite is a technical society from Polytechnique Montréal. Within it, 75 qualified students at the undergraduate and graduate level work to attend a common goal: build and launch a CubeSat. This year, we are lauching a stratospheric ballon for the CAN-SBX competition organized by SEDS Canada and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). This payload will carry an optical nose developed by the Microphotonic Laboratory at Polytechnique Montréal. We are also working on an autonomous Mars rover for the Canadian International Rover Competition (CIRC). It is also a very experienced organization which has already succeed in large-scale projects. As a matter of fact, Polyorbite rose two times to the podium of the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge.

PolyOrbite was officially recognized by Polytechnique Montreal in 2013 and remains the only technical society within the university specialized in space technologies. We have developed a significant expertise in the design and manufacture of nano satellites.

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